Our Vision

To provide a holistic veterinary service to all animals, in order to make a positive difference to the quality of life of pets and pet owners in Manenberg.

Our Mission

To provide the community with access to veterinary healthcare services for all pets. To reduce animal cruelty & suffering through community education, Sterilizations’ & vaccination initiatives.

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by basic human and animal rights of restorative justice to pet and owner.

We dream of a future where people understand how to live harmoniously with animals. 




Consults Admissions / MVA

De-worming / Mite Dipping

Our work

Our work is to improve animal welfare in the Manenberg community, to support the people of Manenberg to access veterinary healthcare and transportation to and from secondary animal healthcare facilities for their pets.

Manenberg Pets understands the links between the social issues and animal welfare and this is what underpins our values – to see restorative justice of basic human and animal rights.

We value the people of Manenberg and our team works to support pet owners in need of assistance. we aim to protect the vital bond they share with their pets. 

We see the abandoned, untreated pets in these forgotten parts of our beautiful city, Cape town and so, we work hard to eradicate animal cruelty, neglect and suffering by educating the community in understanding the importance and value of animal welfare.

We provide the community with pet food, de-worming tablets and tick & flea treatments, as well as a Saturday Clinic for bathing & dipping.

Our resources are extremely limited. We can only survive and continue to do the work we do with your support. Show your love and support for the Manenberg pets community by making a small donation to us on our GivenGain page. 

Our history

Manenberg Pets was founded in 2013 by our visionary founder; Sandra Jacobs-Andipatin.

“It was an honour to be a Social Work student in Manenberg, where I
learnt more than the textbooks. In the past, many families were
forcefully relocated to Manenberg – being evicted from leafy suburbs
to a dense, overcrowded concrete township. Their ability to adjust,
forgive and nurse broken hearts left an indelible impression on me.
I committed to return someday…. to help somehow…..
Over the years I watched how people, animal numbers and social
disparities grew. The existing service providers’ meagre resources
were always stretched to cope with the increasing needs of the
With no animal services in Manenberg, I established Manenberg Pets in 2013… “

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“The vision and mission of M Pets is to provide a comprehensive veterinary service to all animals and to improve the quality of life of animals and their owners. In reality this vision is often blurred by a necessary response to the pet owner’s socioeconomic challenges, their inability to pay for specialized veterinary services. In these instances the cost is subsidized by us. Underpinning this vision are the values of restorative justice to humans and animals. This juxtaposition of animal care, poverty, substance abuse and horrific gang violence calls for a resilient operations team. I am deeply humbled by our team’s knowledge of the community dynamics, especially knowing when the guns are being reloaded & then running to pick up an injured animal! Caring and interacting with an animal is such a powerful antidote to structural violence.” – Sandra Jacobs-Andipatin

Primary Pet Healthcare

We provide the community with access to treatment, education regarding prevention and control of zoonotic diseases, sterilization and immunizations and re-homing of pets.

Secondary Pet Healthcare

We provide the community with transport and access to further secondary veterinary care for pet emergencies and other related hospitalizations’ .

Saturday Clinics

We provide the community with a “Saturday Clinic” Providing de-worming, baths and tick and flea dips . We also educate and provide holistic pet care advice.

Animal Buddy Warriors

Our education & intervention program focuses on “at risk children between the ages of 6 – 16 yrs.